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FAQ's and Information : Geelong Wedding Photography


Who are AJ Photography's photographers?



Well, what can I say? I need to say something about myself, gee that's harder than it sounds, but here I go.

I am a very lucky man being married to Julie (my true soul mate) and having a life and a business where we can do what we love - capturing couples most treasured memories ... weddings and special milestones in their lives like their children.

I guess an important point might be a little about my past in releation to photography. I first discovered the magic of photography when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I remember spending many hours with my dad taking shots of trees, clouds and anything that represented shape and colour. It wasn't long before people, usually family, became subjects of my wild interest in photography. I was told a story that once I had offered an uncle to stay with us and to have some photos taken for a charge of only 50 cents. I guess I was a litte entrepreneur even back then (lol).


Back in those days film and the development of images had a cost and you were limited to the photos you could shoot. So it was always about carefully capturing just the memory you wanted to keep. My love for photography has never stopped, in fact has always been a big part of my life. At school I gained recognition for my work and was awarded for some darkroom techniques. It was awesome fun and why would I stop doing what I love!

My early working life saw me taking many directions however photography was always a love and a passion plus I found I was always involved in peoples special occasions, hence a period of time I managed banquets and events including weddings.

The best way to describe me is 'politely cheeky' always having a good time (I am always receiving compliments from our couples and their guests about how much fun they've had).

Another point that may be of interst is that we are very community minded and as a result have been privileged to have been able to help many people's lives for the better via Rotary and also Lioness clubs.




Hmmm a bio on me, well that's a little uncomfortable! While I am friendly and approachable and Love what I do - I am a behind the camera person in every sense of the meaning. Hence my profile image. Yes, I'm in the photograph just as a reflection - in some beautiful wedding rings captured at a recent wedding.

Yes I'm the same Julie that Alan is married too. We always stir one another up which I guess is a reflection of our relationship - we love, we laugh, we enjoy each others company and care a lot and this roles on to all things we are passionate about including our photography business which is a pleasure and love, not just a job. And as Alan said we are very lucky to be able to spend our time capturing special memories that are part of a very special day on a couple's wedding day.

I love discovering the magic between couples and especially those special in-between moments - the look just before a kiss, a loving glance, a giggle, a smile and everyone being themselves.


I'm a second shooter and as such love the shots of special detailed items and those little close-ups that you didn't realise were caught on camera.

I don't normally talk about myself but as you can guess Alan is putting on the pressure (well, in a nice way). I need to let you know that I have extensive experience in graphic design and more often than not find myself enthralled and excited in your wedding photos, and I just cant help myself creating a few advance edited photos using photoshop (well, that's a bonus for you because these are free!).

We hope this gives you just a little bit of background about us, without going overboard :)



photo to come  

AJ Photography has been honoured to have the talented Kevin Sturges now working as part of our team for local Geelong, Ballarat, Daylesford, Melbourne, Yarra Valley weddings.

Kevin is an AIPP accredited photographer and has years of experience along with local knowledge for great locations.

You can view a selection of Kevin's photos in a facebook gallery - click here.


Yes we want to book AJ Photography - What's next?

  • Thank you for booking with us - we very much look forward to capturing the special moments of your wedding day.
  • We will organise an invoice from our online accounting software which will include our bank details for a direct deposit.
  • If you prefer to pay by credit card we can organise an invoice through PayPal however this will incur an additional 2.5% surcharge.
  • We will also forward an email with questions for our paperwork and a few notes for consideration.
  • We are happy to answer any questions so feel free to contact us anytime, we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

How much deposit is needed to secure your services?

  • $200 retainer will reserve the date with remaining balance due 2 weeks prior your wedding date.
  • The $200 retainer is non-refundable.
  • Any remaining amount paid is refundable up to 4 weeks prior your confirmed wedding date.

Terms & Conditions

  • We request that guests and professional videographers NOT take pictures of our set up / posed shots as doing so may delay the process and effect or ruin the outcome of your photographs.
  • The client gives permission for AJ Photography to use any image for industry competitions and for general promotional advertising including websites such as Facebook or Pinterest, etc.
  • AJ Photography does not place Copyright on the photos for personal use and sharing. No other business may use the photos without permission from AJ Photography.
  • A non refundable $200 retainer to be paid within 7 days of booking. Remaining balance to be paid at least 2 weeks prior the wedding date.
  • Albums and Presentation Packages are subject to change for reasons outside of AJ Photography control.

Limitations of Liability:

While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the wedding event, AJ Photography's entire liability to the client for claim, loss or injury arising out of AJ Photography's performance is limited to a refund to the client of the amount paid for services. In the event of any damage as a result of human error, mechanical malfunction or act of God during the handling of the digital files or prints, AJ Photography shall not be liable for any losses occuring from such. If the studio's services are cancelled for any reason, the retainer paid to reserve the date is non-refundable. In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of AJ Photography, a substitute photographer of equal qualifications, subject to the acceptance by the client prior to the event, may be dispatched by AJ Photography to fulfil the photography obligations herein contracted. In such case that the client declines AJ Photography sending a substitute photographer, the client may elect instead to terminate this agreement and receive a full refund of the initial retainer paid to AJ Photography.

** Payment of the retainer is clarification that the client has agreed to these Terms & Conditions and Limitations of Liability.

Wedding Photography | Wedding rings

How do you keep your prices so affordable?

  • We keep our overhead costs low by not advertising in newspapers, magazines, online wedding directories, etc. Our business is built by word of mouth and our websites. Both Alan and Julie are SEO experts and Julie is a professional web designer - www.qualitywebsolutions.com.au (although we dont actively look for new web design clients, but service our existing clientelle base).

What areas do you travel to photograph weddings?

  • We are based in Geelong and travel all across Victoria, ACT and south of the Hunter Valley NSW.
    • Please note: there are NO additional travel costs on top of our prices in the areas we cover.
  • We will travel to South Australia and Queensland on request but there would be an additional petrol/accommodation cost.
  • We love Destination Weddings - additional (actual) costs are dependant on flights, accommodation, etc.

How many photos do we receive?

  • You receive approximately 500+ jpg basic edited photos on DVD's in High Resolution which are suitable for printing and the same images in Low Resolution which are suitable for viewing on your computer and sharing online.
  • High Resolution images are full sized images @ 240dpi
  • Low Resolution images are reduced in size - maximum 1050 pixels wide x 768 pixels high @ 72dpi
  • We also include around 30 complimentary photos which have been Advanced Edited - we choose the photos to Advance Edit.

What is Basic Editing?

  • Using Adobe Lightroom we cull images - these might be duplicates, photos which failed technically or creatively or just look bad!
  • Next in Adobe Lightroom we adjust white balance, exposure, brightness, clarity, etc.
  • Then we save the images in both High Resolution and Low Resolution to burn onto DVD's to express post to couples.
  • Please view our 'Real Wedding' gallery for sample photos - click here

What is Advanced Editing?

  • Advanced Photo editing is done in Adobe Photoshop and generally creates a sharper, clearer, more vibrant result, we sometimes remove spots and distracting objects.
  • Advanced editing can take between 5 to 15 minutes per image to edit.
  • B&W and different types of effects are also done using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Please view our Basic > Advanced Edited photo gallery - click here

After our wedding, how long before we receive our photos?

  • Generally 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes sooner but rarely longer than 6 weeks.
Wedding Photographer | Jewellery, perfume, flowers

When should we order a Presentation Package or Album?

  • There is no obligation to choose a Presentation package or Album on top of our 'No Fuss Photography' hours. If you have the skills there are many places that offer affordable DIY options.
  • AJ Photography does have great Presentation Packages which represent excellent savings - check out our pdf, click here
  • You can order a Presentation Package anytime - either before or after your wedding. We understand organising a wedding can be very expensive which is why we offer this service.
  • Julie is an established graphic artist and all printed photos are Advanced edited and albums can be designed around your wedding theme.
  • Check out our Album gallery to see our unique album styles
    (we have received many rave reviews from our couples about our albums and coffee table books).
  • Some of our couples have ordered an Album for their 1 year anniversary.

Why have you included so many photo galleries?

  • Gosh, it is so hard to choose just a few - we have sooo many favorite photos from just about all our weddings.
  • Each wedding we photograph is unique and this is showcased by the variety of photos offered in our photo galleries.
  • If you just want to quickly check out our style - View our 'Overview Gallery' which showcases photos from the whole day.
  • But if you want more - we have broken each section of a wedding into its own gallery - grab a coffee or drink and enjoy! - click here

What is your style of photography?

  • Photojournalistic as we capture your day as it unfolds along with a Contemporary style combining candid images of the events of the day along with some posing.
  • We suggest ideas (such as looking out a window), but we are more than happy to have your input.
  • During the formal photoshoot we do minimal posing but offer suggestions to enhance a moment while suggesting different locations for a variety of different backdrops.
  • If you prefer we do some posing - no problem!
  • Romance and Fun are an important part of our style, as you will see in our photo galleries - click here

How many weddings a year would AJ Photography shoot?

  • 50-60 weddings a year
  • Our very first wedding was on Saturday 30th October 2009 (Rusty & Nuala) and since then we have photographed 259 weddings (June 2015)

What camera equipment do you use?

  • Canon 5D Mk III with a Canon 5D Mk II as backup
    • Canon Lseries 50mm Prime
    • Tamron 24-70 VC 2.8 Fstop
    • Canon 24-105 4 Fstop
    • 580 Speedlight flash with a Gary Fong diffuser
  • Canon 7D Mk II with a Canon 7D as backup
    • Canon Lseries 100mm Prime
    • Tamron 18-270 VC 3.5/6 Fstop
    • 430 Speedlight flash
  • Plenty of CF cards and batteries
  • This above combination of camera equipment was selected because of the benefits of the 7D crop and the advantages of the 5D Mk III full frame.

Autumn / Winter weddings:

  • Autumn and Winter are a lovely time of the year to celebrate the love you both have for each other.
  • Remember that the available light will disappear quickly - often around 5pm.
  • Wedding Ceremonies are best held in the early afternoon allowing time for the formal photoshoot.
  • If you do have your wedding ceremony early afternoon your Reception time can also be earlier for your guests comfort.
  • Be prepared for the cold and dress appropriately.
  • We carry some umbrellas with us in case of rain but if you want a particular 'look' it is advisable to have some for yourself and bridesmaids.
  • Gum boots can be a fun option when sloshing around in wet weather.

Spring / Summer weddings:

  • Spring and Summer are the most popular months for getting married.
  • Bright sunlight can often present challenges not only for the photographer but also the bridal party and guests.
  • Be prepared for hot weather and, if you can, try to have air conditioning for getting ready photos.
  • Be prepared for wet weather also, although generally not cold you may need some umbrellas - we do have some 'pretty' umbrellas in our car should they be needed.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water and organise to have some with you on the formal location photoshoot.
  • If it is going to be a really hot day you might want to have chilled bottled water available for your guests.
  • Important - Don't forget sunscreen.

Mid-week weddings:

  • Wedding photography is our full time work and therefore we are available for weddings any day of the week.

From a photographers perseptive below are a few notes to consider for Your special day


Groom preparation getting ready photos:

  • We generally spend between 30-45mins with the guys.
  • We prefer if the guys are showered and dressed in their wedding pants, shirts and socks before we arrive.
  • We will take photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ties, shoes, jackets on.
  • Then head off to nearby locations (either indoors or outdoors) for some fun and formal photos of the groom and groomsmen if time permits.
  • If the groom has the rings we will take detail photos in different locations using available backdrops.
Wedding Photos | Groom getting ready

Bride preparation getting ready photos:

  • We generally spend around 1.5 hours with the bride.
  • We prefer if bridesmaids are dressed and hair and makeup finished (unless you want a photo of the bridesmaid dresses hanging with your dress)
  • On our arrival we will photograph the wedding dress and snap some candids of people busy getting ready and maybe final touches to brides makeup.
  • Please have your wedding shoes, jewellery, perfume, flowers and any special things you would like remembered so we can photograph them.
  • Time permitting we will photograph: bridesmaids individually and together; bride getting into her wedding dress; bridesmaids helping bride get ready; bride and her bridesmaids; bride with mum, dad & family; individual photos of bride; along with candid moments.
  • If you were wanting mirror shots (or anything particular) please try to have them cleaned and tidy prior our arrival.
  • It is often a good idea to have the bits'n'pieces that you want to take with you, already packed and ready to go before we arrive so it is one less thing you need to worry about on the day.
Wedding Photography | Bridge getting ready

Wedding Ceremony:

  • Sometimes we take photos of the groom and groomsmen at the ceremony location for about 15 minutes prior the guests arrival.
  • It is a good idea for the bride to plan her arrival about 5 mins before ceremony time so photos can be taken of the car and with dad and bridesmaids.
  • Have someone available to usher your guests to their seats to ensure no one sees the bride for arrival photos at the car.
  • While Alan concentrates on photographing the brides arrival Julie photographs the grooms anxious moments.
  • Please mention to your groomsmen and bridesmaids, while standing beside you, to stay close together in a straight'ish line.
  • For the ceremony we will capture the moments as they happen, depending on the space available we will photograph from different angles.
  • For the signing of paperwork we request that guests wait to take photos until after the photographers have finished. This is generally the best opportunity for guest photos once you are all posed together.

Notes | Priest / Celebrant:

  • For church weddings we always (try) and approach the priest prior your ceremony to ask if they have any restrictions or requirements. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible, while photographing the important moments.
  • If the church/chapel has a balcony we prefer if this can be accessed as often can get great photos from this vantage point.
  • During the ceremony try to look at each other angled towards your guests, rather than looking at the celebrant.
  • When placing the rings, if you remember, try to angle your hands towards the camera.
  • Celebrant can announce at the end of ceremony as a reminder that group photos will be taken immediately after congratulations.
Wedding Photography | Ceremony

Group photos:

  • Generally large group photo and family/friend groups are done after the ceremony.
  • It is a good idea if you can have 1 or 2 people who know your family/friends who can gather the people together - this will help save time.
  • Put together a list of all the people you would like to have photos with. It is entirely up to you both who you want to have group photos with.
    • We have occasionally spent over 1 hour photographing groups.
    • 10-15 minutes would be the average time to allow for group photos.
  • If you only want photos with family or just mum, dad, brothers, sisters - no problem!
Wedding Photography | Group photos

Main formal photoshoot:

  • Fun & Romance! We are very good at having fun ... and we Love the romance of such a special day.
  • 2 hours is our preferred time for the formal photoshoot - especially if you were wanting to travel to a few locations for different backdrops.
  • If you are staying in 1 location, less time might be necessary.
  • Guys jackets are best unbuttoned if arms are raised (otherwise can be unattractive).
  • Remember to look at lead photographer when asked and try not to be distracted. A perfect photo can be (less than perfect) if someones eyes are looking elsewhere.
  • At least an extra half hour time is suggested if your professional videographer requires time during the formal photoshoot.

Restriction: No other cameras/photographers at the Formal 'on Location' photoshoot:

  • We are very strict about not allowing other cameras during the formal 'on location' photoshoot.
  • We need the undivided attention of the bridal party and other people with cameras can cause distractions and possibly cause problems with our photos, such as over exposed from another flash firing.
Wedding Photography | Location photoshoot

Wedding Reception:

  • It is important that we know the time you are being announced into Reception (this is often different to the time guests arrive).
  • Try to allow 10 minutes prior your entry into the reception for toilet / freshen up.
  • Photographer needs to know where you and your bridal party will be entering into the reception, so he has time to set up his camera for the specific lighting conditions.
  • Have the venue advise the photographer when lighting conditions plan to change. Especially at arrival, cutting of the cake, first dance, etc.
  • Let your photographer know if you are planning a special entry - crazy dance, romantic moment, etc.
Wedding Photographer | Reception


  • Travelling time is included in your No Fuss photography hours.
  • Sometimes we've travelled 1 hour from bride preparation photos to the ceremony location. But please be aware that this travel time will use time from your photography.
  • Some couples have booked accommodation closer to the ceremony venue to reduce the distance to travel.

What is an 'Unplugged Wedding'?

  • Encourage your guests to see your wedding through their eyes and not their gadgets.
  • An 'Unplugged Wedding' is not for everyone however it is a great idea if you want your guests just involved in your special ceremony rather than taking photos and posting to social media websites such as facebook.

Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

  • For every photo taken on your wedding day a professional lead photographaer is simultaneously looking for light and shadows, background, wind direction, etc while also creatively choosing focal length, composition, aperture, shutter speed and various other camera settings to create the desired image.
  • The camera settings are something that your lead photographer will use automatically and without thought. This knowledge, experience and creativity is used to produce beautiful images.
  • At the same time we are monitoring and working with the various emotions that exist within the Bridal Party and all of the guests on your day to create an enjoyable experience for you.
  • Once the day is over every image is creatively assessed in post-production techniques back at the studio using expensive computer equipment and software tools that we know intimatley.

And .... the most important thing?

  • Have fun, enjoy your day! Time will disappear much quicker than expected.
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